A double major is a major in sociology and another major in a different discipline. Double-majoring is an excellent way of increasing the value of your degree. A very common double-major combination is sociology and criminal justice. Sociology/criminal justice double majors may count up to six hours of approved criminal justice courses toward their sociology major.  Sociology/CJ double majors, for instance, take Criminology (soci3810) and a research methods course (soci/pols3700) for Criminal Justice.  Many students count these six hours of credit toward both majors.  Other combinations of six credit hours from criminal justice courses are also possible. Students who combine a major in sociology with a major in psychology or communication studies are typically allowed to count one research methods course for their other major toward sociology. For more details, please consult your Academic Advisor in the Sociology Department.

If you wish to pursue two majors, you are responsible for learning what courses are required by your second major and for coordinating these requirements with those in the sociology major.  This means that you should make regular advising appointments in both departments.  Declare a second major as early as you can, so that you may meet the requirements of both majors in a timely manner. If you wait until the 11th hour to declare a second major, you cannot expect to waive its requirements or to get priority registration for its required courses. It is relatively easy to take a double major when both departments or programs fall within the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences. If, however, you wish to combine a sociology major with a major in a different college, like Journalism or Business or Social Work, this is called getting a Dual Degree. It is far more difficult to arrange because the core requirements of the different colleges are not the same. You should check with the Sociology Advising Office before attempting a dual degree.