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Cerenity E Collins

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Doctoral Candidate

Cerenity is a doctoral candidate whose research focuses on racialized emotion, identity processes, and social networks. Her master’s thesis focused on how race and other social positions impact reported affective sentiments. She is currently working on a project, funded by the RED seed grant, about the relationships between social network factors, identity, and the emotional experiences and self-reported mental health of African Americans.

Her other projects include a study exploring the link between racial identity, gender, and emotion complexity and a study exploring emotional responses to perceived racism. She has also served as project manager on multiple studies conducted in the Laboratory for the Study of Social Interaction.


M.A., Sociology, University of Georgia 2019

B.S., Psychology, University of Georgia 2016


Of Note:
  • 2021 Graduate Education Advancement Board Fellowship
  • 2020 ICQCM Spencer Scholar
  • 2020 Ford Foundation Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, Honorable Mention
  • 2020 ANU Fellowship in the Study of Role-taking
  • 2020 B.O. Williams Outstanding Graduate Student MA Award 
  • 2018 Social Networks & Health Fellow
  • 2017 Balkwell-Fine Outstanding Student of Group Processes Award 



2022 Phelps-Stokes Graduate Fellowship

2021 University of Georgia Graduate School Dean’s Award

2020 RED Seed Grant

2018 RED Seed Grant