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Brittany T. Martin

Doctoral Candidate

Contact Info

421 Baldwin Hall
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Curriculum Vitae:

Brittany T. Martin is a doctoral candidate in sociology at the University of Georgia who teaches courses on research methods, criminology, and social control of crime. She is a passionate instructor who strives to create a community of students who are eager to learn. Brittany adheres to the “teacher-scholar” model, strongly emphasizing advising and mentoring students. Additionally, she receives excellent teaching evaluations from students, peers, and faculty. On average, her student evaluation scores are 4.5 out of 5 across her courses. Beyond the classroom, Brittany worked collaboratively and one-on-one with undergraduate students through the Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities program.

Brittany's research interests include punishment, collateral consequences and gender and crime. Her research broadly focuses on the impact of the criminal justice system on social inequality exploring multiple forms of punishment and their effects on individuals and communities. Brittany's dissertation research uses a multi-method approach to further understand state variation in punitiveness. Findings from this study establish an improved typology of state punitiveness focusing on both formal and informal policies including collateral consequences. 



  • 2016 M.A. Sociology, University of Georgia
  • 2014 B.A. Sociology, Adelphi University
  • 2014 B.S. Criminal Justice, Adelphi University
Of Note:
  • Brittany is a co-author on a publication in Violence Against Women that received the Best Graduate Student Paper award from the American Society of Criminology's Division of Women and Crime (Sutton et al, 2019).
  • She is also first author on a publication in the Encyclopedia of Women and Crime titled "Paternalism and Sentencing".
  • From 2015- 2018, Brittany worked as a research assistant for Dr. Sarah Shannon on the Multi-State Study of Monetary Sanctions, Grant funded by Arnold Ventures (formerly the Laura and John Arnold Foundation) (Team PI: Alexes Harris).
Selected Publications:

Martin, Brittany T. and Sarah K.S. Shannon. 2020. “State Variation in the Drug Felony Lifetime Ban on TANF: Why the Modified Ban Matters.” Punishment and Society.

Sutton, Tara E., Leslie Gordon Simons, Brittany T. Martin, Eric T. Klopack, Frederick X.Gibbons, Steven R.H. Beach, and Ronald L. Simons. 2019. “Racial Discrimination as a Risk Factor for African American Men’s Physical Partner Violence: A Longitudinal Test of Mediators and Moderators.” Violence Against Women.

Courses Regularly Taught: