Students who wish to present a paper at a professional meeting within the United States may submit a travel request to the Graduate School. The following guidelines will be used in considering all requests:

  1. Preference will be given to doctoral students or students pursuing the terminal degree in their discipline (MFA or MLA). A request from a master’s student will be considered ONLY if the department does not offer a doctoral degree.
  2. Applicants should be reporting results of their dissertation or thesis research and should be the primary author of the publication or presentation.
  3. The meeting or conference must be of regional or national importance.
  4. Approval of travel requests will be limited to one trip per student per fiscal year.
  5. The student must possess a minimum GPA of 3.50 based on at least five semesters of full-time graduate study at UGA.
  6. The student cannot have any grades of Incomplete (I) or unsatisfactory (U).
  7. Funding will not be provided to students employed as instructors or classified employees.
  8. The applicant must be in one of the following categories: (a) registered for full-time graduate study during the semester of his/her travel, (b) doctoral students admitted into candidacy (minimum 3 credit hours), or (c) a thesis-writing master’s student who has satisfactorily completed all required courses (exclusive of 7000 and 7300). If a student is traveling between semesters, he/she must also be in one of these three categories during the semester following travel.


For a complete list of guidelines please visit:


Travel Dates Request Deadline
Oct 1- Dec 31 Sept 9, 2016
Jan 1-Mar 31 Dec 9, 2016
Apr 1-Jun 30 Mar 10, 2017
July 1-Sept 30 Jun 9, 2017


Each request, submitted to the Graduate Coordinator Assistant (office 113A), must be accompanied by the following:

Copy of abstract
Copy of acceptance letter
Copy of Travel Authority Form completed (leave account numbers blank)

Completed Travel Registration Profile