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Sociology faculty at the University of Georgia are excellent teachers and productive scholars, who have won the University’s highest teaching and research awards, received major grants, and published their research in the top journals and presses. We embrace a variety of research methodologies, including ethnography, experiments, and secondary data analysis. This research is both interdisciplinary and collaborative: many of our faculty are affiliated with other units on campus and work closely with graduate students.

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Congratulations to graduate student Phil Lewin who has accepted a position as an assistant professor in Sociology department at Florida Atlantic University, starting this fall.


Congratulations to Jody Clay-Warner, who has received the Graduate School's Outstanding Mentoring Award in the Social and Behavioral Sciences, and to William Finlay and Linda Renzulli, who have received the Lothar Tresp Outstanding Honors Professor Award and the J. Hatten Howard III Teaching Award respectively from the Honors Program.


We are very pleased to announce that Ron Simons will be returning to the department this fall as a Distinguished Research Professor.  He will be joined by Leslie Simons, who will also be a full professor in the department.


Congratulations to graduate students Ashley Barr and Maria Paino, who have accepted positions as assistant professors at the University at Buffalo and the University of Oakland in Michigan respectively.  They will be joining their new departments in the fall.


Congratulations to Natasha Ganem, who has been awarded the Sandy Beaver Excellence in Teaching Award by the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences.