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I am a PhD candidate in my sixth year at the University of Georgia. I received my MA from the University of Arkansas and came to UGA in 2011.  My research interests include racial and intersecting inequalities, disasters, environmental sociology, and theory.  My dissertation focuses on long-term recovery from disasters and how recovery varies by location, race, gender, and class.  I utilize in-depth qualitative interviews, fieldwork and archival methods.  I also ask how local political response to disasters affects the creation or exacerbation of inequality and how specific socio-historic contexts influence disaster recovery.  My previous research has been published in Social Psychology Quarterly, Deviant Behavior, Symbolic Interaction and Disasters. I currently have four other papers under review. Additionally, my current and previous research has been supported and recognized by the National Science Foundation, Sociologists for Women in Society, the Society for the Study of Social Problems, the Mid-South Sociological Association, the Victimology section of the American Society of Criminology, the Graduate School at the University of Georgia, and The University of Georgia Alumni Association.   

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017 - 8:43am

Congratulations to our new PhD students who graduated Spring 2017- Ashleigh McKinzie and Jeff Gardner. We wish them the very best in their careers.