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Dr. Leslie Gordon Simons, Professor of Sociology, joined the faculty at UGA in 2002. She began her appointment in the Department of Sociology at UGA in 2014 and was previously a Professor in the Department of Human Development and Family Science at UGA. She has also held faculty appointments in the Department of Sociology at Clemson University and the School of Criminology at Arizona State University. Dr. Simons received a Ph.D. in Sociology from Iowa State University and her areas of research are Family and Criminology. Specifically, Dr. Simons' program of research focuses on the socio-contextual predictors and consequences of various family processes as well as the mediators and moderators the relationship between experiences in the family of origin and outcomes for adolescents and emerging adults. Specifically, she examines the intergenerational transmission of problem behaviors and the mechanisms that link parenting to behavioral outcomes such as delinquency, intimate partner violence, and risky sex. Dr. Simons is a Co-Investigator on the Family and Community Health Study, a multi-site, longitudunal project funded by NIH and CDC.