Meigs Distinguished Teaching Associate Professor
Undergraduate Coordinator
214B Baldwin Hall

Dr. James E. Coverdill, Meigs Distinguished Teaching Associate Professor of Sociology (view Dr. Coverdill's Meigs video) has been at the University of Georgia since receiving a Ph.D. in Sociology from Northwestern University.  One main prong of his research explores the ways culture and social organization intertwine to shape the work and training of surgeons.  This research is grounded in fieldwork with surgeons in a teaching hospital and three rounds of mixed-method data collection (questionnaires and follow-up interviews) that expand on key issues from the fieldwork.  Another main project is a collaborative effort with William Finlay to extend and elaborate their book Headhunters: Matchmaking in the Labor Market, which remains the only academic study of that occupation. Headhunters are labor market intermediaries who are paid by employers to find and recruit job candidates.  Secondary projects with undergraduate and graduate students explore several ADHD-related issues on campus, including the informal use of ADHD medications and the experiences of students who are diagnosed with ADHD in college.