On the Market: David Woodring

Dissertation Title: Ecological, Organizational, and Situational Predictors of Fatal Police Shootings in the U.S., 2013 to 2014: A Multilevel Perspective
Dissertation Chair: Ron Simons

David Woodring is a doctoral candidate and a placed-based researcher, currently conducting research on race, place, and fatal police-citizen encounters in the United States. He is currently using a multilevel approach to extricate the overall importance of the individual, situational, organizational, ecological, and political factors that coalesce across time and space in relationship to fatal shootings of U.S. citizens by police. 

David is a third-year student in the doctoral program of sociology, specializing in crime, law, and deviance. While his current and primary focus is on understanding the complexity of police violence in the U.S., David conducts research across the fields of medical sociology, education, as well as terrorism.