Jamie L. Palmer

PhD Candidate
PhD date: May, 2017
Status: On the Market
Curriculum Vitae:
Dissertation Title: The International is Personal: Collective Memory and Negotiating the U.S. Blockade with Cuba
Dissertation Chair:
Dissertation Committee:
Dissertation Committee (External):
David Smilde
About Jamie L. Palmer:

Ms. Palmer is a PhD Candidate in Sociology and a graduate certificate student in Women's Studies at the University of Georgia. She received her M.A. in May of 2011 and successfully defended her dissertation proposal in December of 2013. Her research interests include: Sociology of Culture; Nation, Race, Gender, and Globalization; Women and Gender Studies; Women’s Studies Research Methods; Qualitative and Quantitative Methods; Latin American and Latino Studies. In addition to her current research on Complicating National Boundaries and Ideology: Understanding Cuba in the United States, Ms. Palmer works diligently as an instructor and mentor to students. She is currently working on an Interdisciplinary Teaching Certificate at the University of Georgia and has extensive training and interest in different pedagogical styles in order to best meet the needs of students.