On the Market: Jamie L. Palmer

PhD Date:
Aug 2018
Dissertation Title: The International is Personal: Collective Memory and Negotiating the U.S. Blockade with Cuba
Dissertation Chair: James J. Dowd
Dissertation Committee:
Dissertation Committee (External):
David Smilde

Ms. Palmer is a PhD Candidate in Sociology and a graduate certificate student in Women's Studies at the University of Georgia. She received her B.A. in Sociology and American Studies from Indiana Univeristy and her M.A. in May of 2011 from the University of Georgia. Her current research examines intersectionality theories using a transnational lens to better understand the role culture plays in international relations. Her work has been published in the journals of Men & Masculinities (2017) and International Sociology (forthcoming 2017). Her current dissertation project The International is Personal: Collective Memory, Positionality, and Negotiating the U.S. Blockade with Cuba examines the role collective memory plays in contemporary understandings of the US Embargo in the US and Cuba as well as how it informs the lives and realities of those who cross the social closure. She received grant funding from the University of Georgia Graduate School  and the Tinker Foundation In addition to her strong research program, Ms. Palmer demonstrates a strong commitment to excellence in teaching and service. She has been recognized as the University of Georgia's 2015 Emerging Leader as well as recieved the 2017 Outstanding Teaching Award. Her dedication to student-centered critical pedagogical strategies has led to presentations and emerging contributions to pedagogical scholarship.