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Appendix G: Leave of Absence and Significant Life Events Policy

According to the Graduate School Handbook: 


According to the Graduate School Handbook:

“A leave of absence provides a mechanism for students experiencing unusual circumstance to be exempt temporarily from the continuous enrollment policy.  A leave of absence requires approval of the Graduate program Coordinator and the Dean of Graduate School.  A leave of absence will be granted only for good cause such as serious medical and health-related issues, major financial and employment issues; pregnancy, childbirth, child care, elder care, and other significant family issues; and other major personal circumstances that interfere with the ability to undertake graduate study. An approved leave of absence stands in lieu of registering for the minimum of 3 credits for each semester for which the leave of absence is granted.  During a leave of absence, students may not use UGA facilities, resources, or services designed or intended only for enrolled students; receive a graduate assistantship, fellowship, or financial aid from the University; or take any UGA courses related to their program of study.  An approved leave of absence does not stop the clock unless the leave is granted for pregnancy, childbirth or adoption (see below): time on leave counts toward any University, Graduate School, or program time limits pertaining to the degree being sought.”

In the Department of Sociology, our guidelines for satisfactory progress follow this graduate school policy with the important exception that an approved leave under this policy will not count against the time limits stated in the department’s Satisfactory Progress document.  An approved leave of absence of one semester will allow the student one additional semester to meet all subsequent degree requirements.

In addition, those who have had a significant life event (but did not receive an approved leave of absence from the Graduate School) may petition to the Graduate Program Committee in the Department of Sociology for an extension of their satisfactory progress time-line.  Our departmental policy is intended to accommodate students with responsibilities related to elder care, adoption, birth of a child, or another similar event.