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Appendix B: The Graduate Faculty

The Graduate Faculty

  • COBB, Ryon. Florida State University, 2013. Assistant Professor

               Race and Ethnicity; Health; Religion.

  • CLAY-WARNER, Jody.  Emory University, 1997.  Professor.

               Social Psychology; Criminology; Gender.

  • COONEY, Mark.  University of Virginia, 1991.  Professor. 

               Conflict Management, especially Law and Violence.

  • COVERDILL, James.  Northwestern University, 1991.  Associate Professor and Dept. Head.

               Quantitative and Qualitative Methods; Inequality; Organizations; Work.

  • DERPIC, Jorge. The University of Texas, 2017. Assistant Professor

               Sociology of Law, Criminology, Indigenous Studies, Political Sociology, Urban Sociology, Quantitative Methods, Latin America.

  • ERIGHA, Maryann. University of Pennsylvania, 2014. Assistant Professor

               Race, Class, Gender Inequality, Work and Occupations, Media and Digital Sociology, Black/African American

               Media and Popular Culture 

  • FINLAY, William.  Northwestern University, 1983.  Professor.

               Industrial Sociology; Organizations.

  • GONLIN, Vanessa. Texas A&M University, 2020. Assistant Professor. Race, Identity,

                Social Demography

  • GRAIZBORD, Diana. Brown, 2016. Assistant Professor

               Political Sociology, Globalization, Development and Social Change, Culture;

                Sociology of Science.

  • HERMANOWICZ, Joseph.  University of Chicago, 1996.  Professor.

               Occupations/Professions/Careers; Culture; Life Course Studies; Higher Education;


  • LAPEGNA, Pablo.  State University of New York at Stony Brook, 2011. Associate Professor.

               Social Movements and Protest: Qualitative Methods: Latin American Studies; Culture;

               Development and Social Change; Globalization; Political Sociology.

  • LEI, Man-Kit. University of Georgia. 2014. Assistant Professor.

               Crime, Law, and Deviance; Community; Physical and Mental Health; Statistical Methods.

  • McNULTY, Thomas L.   SUNY- Albany, 1996.  Associate Professor.

               Criminology; Deviance and Social Control; Inequality; Race and Ethnicity

  • RICHARDS, Patricia.  University of Texas at Austin, 2002.  Professor and Graduate Coordinator.

               Sociology of Gender; Global Sociology; Social Movements;

               Social Inequality; Qualitative Research Methods; Development and Social Change;


  • ROBINSON, Dawn T.  Cornell University, 1992.  Professor.

               Social Psychology, Collective Behavior and Social Movements, Social Networks,


  • ROMAN, Paul.  Cornell University, 1968.  Professor. 

               Work, Occupations, and Organizations; Deviance; Mental Health.

  • SHANNON, Sarah.  University of Minnesota, 2013.  Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator.

                Aging and the Life Course; Crime, Law, and Deviance; Inequality

  • SIMONS, Leslie Gordon.  Iowa State University, 1999.  Professor

               Family, Aging, and the Life Course; Crime, Law, and Deviance; Gender;

               Physical and Mental Health

  • SIMONS, Ronald L.  Florida State University, 1974.  Professor.

                Crime, Law, and Deviance; Family, Aging, and the Life Course; Physical and

                 Mental Health; Social Psychology; Inequality; Race and Ethnicity.

  • TINKLER, Justine E.  Stanford University, 2007. Assistant Professor.

                Crime, Law, and Deviance; Gender; Inequality; Race and Ethnicity; Social Psychology.

Adjunct Graduate Faculty

  • ALETRARIS, Lydia. University of Georgia, 2010. Assistant Research Scientist, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research; Assistant Director, Center for Research on Behavioral Health and Human Services Delivery; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Sociology.

                 Work, Occupations, and Organizations; Mental Health; Research Methods; Inequality;

                  Structured Inequality; Education

  • HEARN, James.    Stanford University, 1978.  Professor, Institute of Higher Education, Adjunct Professor, Sociology

                Education; Organizations; Policy.

  • WICKRAMA, Kandauda (K. A. S).  Iowa State University, Sociology.  1992.  Professor, Child and Family Development, Adjunct Professor, Sociology.

               Social Distribution and Social Determinants of Mental and Physical Health; 

               Life Course; Marriage; Family; Methods.