Department of Sociology

Shannon, Sarah

Assistant Professor
117 Baldwin Hall
Athens, GA 30602
706-542-3232 • 


Sarah K.S. Shannon joined the UGA Sociology Department as an Assistant Professor in 2013. She studies law, crime, and deviance, especially the intersections between crime, punishment, and public welfare programs.Sarah's research investigates how social institutions like the criminal justice and public welfare systems affect social inequality. Her current research examines the relationships between General Assistance welfare programs, crime, and incarceration in the United States from 1960-2010. In other work, she studies the effects of punishment on work, voting, reentry, and community health. Sarah is an affiliate faculty member with the Criminal Justice Studies Program and the Institute for Women's Studies at UGA. Sarah received her PhD from the University of Minnesota in 2013. She also holds a Master of Social Work degree and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. Sarah cares about doing research that matters for academics, policy makers, and ordinary citizens. Her public engagement projects include The Society Pages and The Scholars Strategy Network. Off campus, Sarah is a proud mother and a hockey player.


  • PhD, Sociology, University of Minnesota, 2013
  • MSW, University of Minnesota, 2007
  • BA, Sociology, University of Iowa

Selected Honors, Awards, and Grants

RIDGE Center for Targeted Studies Grant. 2014-2015. "The Longitudinal Impact of SNAP Enrollment and Spending on Community Health and Well-being in Rural and Urban Georgia During the Great Recession."  Purdue Center for Regional Development & the Southern Rural Development Center. $33,136.

Faculty Research Grant. 2014-2015. University of Georgia, Office of the Vice President for Research. $9,177.

Lilly Teaching Fellow. 2014-2016. University of Georgia, Center for Teaching and Learning.

Selected Publications

Schnittker, Jason, Christopher Uggen, Sarah Shannon, and Suzy McElrath. Forthcoming. “The Institutional Effects of Incarceration: Spillovers from Criminal Justice to Health Care.” Forthcoming in Millbank Quarterly.

Sarah K.S. Shannon and Joshua Page. 2014. "Bureaucrats on the Cell Block: Prison Officers' Perceptions of Work Environment and Attitudes Toward Prisoners." Social Service Review 88:630-657.

Uggen, Christopher and Sarah K.S. Shannon. 2014. "Productive Addicts and Harm Reduction: How Work Reduces Crime - But Not Drug Use." Social Problems 61:105-130.

Uggen, Christopher, Sarah Shannon, and Jeff Manza. 2012. "State-Level Estimates of Felon Disenfranchisement in the United States, 2010." Washington, DC: The Sentencing Project.

Nyseth, Hollie, Sarah Shannon, Kia Heise and Suzy McElrath. 2011. "Embedded Sociologists." Contexts 10:44-50. 

Shannon, Sarah K.S. 2010. "Dereliction of Duty: Training Schools for Delinquent Parents inthe 1940s." Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare 37:11-27. 

Abrams, Laura.S., Sarah K.S. Shannon, and Cindy Sangalang. 2008. "Transition Services for Incarcerated Youth: A Mixed-Methods Evaluation Study." Child and Youth Services Review 30:522-535.

Shannon, Sarah K.S. & Laura Abrams. 2007. "Juvenile Offenders as Fathers: Perceptions of Fatherhood, Crime and Becoming and Adult." Families in Society 88:183-191.