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Sociological Approaches to Culture

Case studies of art, music, literature, rituals and ceremony, food, dress, and other cultural objects. Topics include the dimensions of cultural objects; structuralist, postmodern, functionalist and semiotic perspectives; and basic issues such as consensus and diversity, ideology, collective memory and tradition, religion, social solidarity, conflict, and change.

Sociology of Education

Mainstream and critical theories of how society shapes the purposes, processes, and organization of schools; current policy issues and sources of national education data, with primary focus on United States elementary and secondary schools.

Social Change

The causes, nature, and consequences of changes in social structure and institutions.

Criminal Punishment and Society

The relationship between contemporary American punishment and social organization and processes. Topics include historical features of, and justifications for, punishment; the death penalty debate; prisoner rights; and prison conditions.

Offered on a regular basis.

Sociology of Development

The political economy of global development and its impact on class, gender, race, and ethnicity; the application and relevance of theoretical and methodological paradigms. Topics include agriculture, urbanization, environment, education, health, migration, economic restructuring, and political and collective strategies.

Development of Sociological Theory

Pivotal theories from classic theorists such as Marx, Weber, and Durkheim to the present.
Offered on a regular basis. 

Sociological Theory: The German Tradition

The German theoretical tradition, beginning with Marx and continuing with Wilhelmine-era sociologists, particularly Simmel and Weber; the Weimar and Nazi periods; and postwar critical theorists, notably Habermas.

Sociology of War and the Military

War as a phenomenon with social causes and consequences; the military as an occupation and organization. Topics include conscription; the historical experiences of women and minorities in the military; and war as a source of collective memory for generations, ethnic groups, and nations.

SOCI 1101, or SOCI 1600, or permission of department.
Personality and Social Structure

The social factors that shape behavior and self-concept; theories such as behaviorism, symbolic interactionism, Freudian psychology, cognitive social psychology, and critical approaches. Topics include emotions, human development, and authenticity and sincerity in the postmodern age.

Offered on a regular basis.

Sociology of Gender

Feminist theories and methodologies on gender, with an emphasis on contemporary American society and the intersection of gender, race, and class. Topics include socialization, sexual orientation, reproduction, violence, family and household, work and global restructuring, and politics.
Offered on a regular basis.