Crime, Law, Deviance: Clay-Warner, Cooney, Derpic McNulty, Roman, Shannon, L. Simons, R. Simons, Tinkler

Culture: Erigha, Lapegna, Richards

Development and Social Change: Derpic, Graizbord, Lapegna, Richards

Family, Aging, and the Life Course:  Hermanowicz, Shannon, L. Simons, R. Simons, Wickrama

Gender: Clay-Warner, Erigha, Richards, Robinson, L. Simons, Tinkler

Globalization: Derpic, Graizbord, Lapegna, Richards

Inequality: Aletraris, Erigha, McNulty, R. Simons, Shannon, Tinkler

Medical Sociology, Physical and Mental Health: Aletraris, Coverdill, Lei, Roman, L. Simons, R. Simons, Wickrama

Political Sociology: Derpic, Graizbord, Lapegna, Richards

Race and Ethnicity: Erigha, McNulty, R. Simons, Tinkler

Social Movements: Graizbord, Lapegna, Richards

Sociology of Education: Hearn, Hermanowicz

Sociology of Science: Graizbord, Hermanowicz

Social Psychology: Clay-Warner, Robinson, R. Simons, Tinkler

Work, Occupations, and Organizations: Aletraris, Coverdill, Erigha, Finlay, Hearn, Hermanowicz, Roman